Beneath the waves

“The sea once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever” – Jacques Cousteau (1910 – 1997)
  • 2021.04.22

Underwater treasure

Title: Underwater treasureYear: 2021Size: 920mm × 650mm (P30)Media: Oil on canvas Description:30 km to the south and some 300m below the surface of the waters.“l’île de Beauté” hides another treasure […]

  • 2024.02.01

Ghost coral

Title: Ghost coralYear: 2024Size: 795mm diameterMedia: Oil on canvas Description: A visual spectacle in its own right, white coral is a ghost of its former past. Bleached white by rising seawater temp […]

  • 2022.02.06

Brain coral

Title: Brain coralYear: 2022Size: 300mm diameterMedia: Oil on canvas Description:Though coral may look like a colourful plant growing from roots in the seafloor, it is actually an animal. Corals are k […]

  • 2022.02.06

Great star coral

Title: Great star coralYear: 2022Size: 300mm diameterMedia: Oil on canvas Description:Coral polyps are usually clear. The bright colours that characterize many corals are actually various types of alg […]

  • 2022.02.06

Finger coral

Title: Finger coralYear: 2022Size: 300mm diameterMedia: Oil on canvas Description:Individual red coral specimens, called colonies, spread vibrant crimson branches, their ghostly polyps waving in the c […]

  • 2022.06.02

 Beauty in the deep

Title: Beauty in the deepYear: 2022Size: 795mm diameter Media: Oil on canvas Description: From the depths of the ocean to the outermost parts of the galaxy our gaze is captivated by unimaginable beaut […]

  • 2022.02.06

Sun coral

Title: Sun coralYear: 2022Size: 300mm diameterMedia: Oil on canvas Description:Described as the “rainforests of the ocean”, tropical coral reefs support one-third of all marine life while occupying ju […]

  • 2022.02.10

Mediterranean Red Coral

Title: Mediterranean Red CoralYear: 2022Size: 460mm × 270mm (M8)Media: Oil on canvas Description: Red coral is the common name given to a genus of marine corals, Corallium. Its distinguishing characte […]

  • 2022.02.06

Honeycomb coral

Title: Honeycomb coralYear: 2022Size: 460mm × 330mm (P8)Media: Oil on canvas Description:Coral reefs are among the most complex and fascinating marine ecosystems in the sea, and they include a wide ra […]

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