Mediterranean moments

“The view of the Mediterranean from Monaco is the most beautiful painting in the World” – Princess Grace Kelly (1929 – 1982)
  • 2021.01.09


Title: SunriseYear: 2020Size: 920mm×650mm (P30)Media: Oil on canvas Description:Winter mornings bring the warmth of the sun gently rising over the Mediterranean, its light playing on the restless move […]

  • 2018.12.23

Seen from Monaco

Title: Seen from MonacoYear: 2018Size: 651mm×500mm(P15: Japanese canvas size)Media: Oil on canvas Description:Yasue can sit and stare at the Mediterranean for hours, days, weeks.It is a constantly cha […]

  • 2021.07.21

The Principality

Title: The PrincipalityYear:2021Size: 410mm × 270mm (6P)Media: Oil on canvas Description:The smallest country in the world blends modernity with tradition.In the early summer light, the Royal Palace i […]

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