Our blue planet

“The Earth was blue,” —Yuri Gagarin famously remarked. Blue evokes a profound sense of tranquillity, the appreciation and nurturing of calmness, peace, and inner harmony. If red symbolises passion and intensity, then blue embodies serenity. It triggers vivid images of the sea and its deep, cool waters, the rhythmic motion of bubbling streams and coursing rivers, or an expansive sky’s enchanting and ever-changing colours. Let us preserve the sheer physical beauty of the blue in our world and safeguard and cultivate our inner tranquillity and emotional well-being.
  • 2021.08.27


Title: Lunacy?Year: 2021Size: 1000mm × 810mm (F40)Media: Oil on canvasDescription: The Earth’s only natural satellite has fascinated humans since the dawn of time. Its impact is often believed to exte […]

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