“The Arctic is a captivating realm of majestic fjords and ancient geology, where nature’s grandeur takes center stage” – Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1910 – 1997)
  • 2023.11.02

Glacial Blue

Title: Glacial BlueYear: 2023Size: 810mm×600mm Media: Oil on canvas Description: The ice on a glacier has been there for a really long time and has been compacted down under the weight of the glacier […]

  • 2023.08.19

Nature’s fridges

Title: Nature’s fridgesYear: 2023Size: 810mm×600mm Media: Oil on canvas Description: Composed primarily of freshwater ice from compacted snow and formed when chunks break off from glaciers in a […]

  • 2023.12.29

Muskox, Greenland

Title: Muskox, GreenlandYear: 2023Size: 400mm × 400mm Media: Oil on canvas Description: The muskox, having coexisted with mammoths, persists to the present day, originating from the Günz Ice […]

  • 2023.04.01

Dancing waves

Title: Dancing wavesYear: 2023Size: 595 mm × 595 mmMedia: Oil on canvas Description: The northern lights, or aurora borealis, are beautiful dancing waves of light that have captivated people for mille […]

  • 2023.04.24

Aurora – atomic light show

Title: Aurora – atomic light showYear: 2023Size: 595mm x 595mmMedia: Oil on canvas Description: The lights we see in the sky are actually caused by activity on the surface of the Sun.  Sola […]

  • 2023.03.17

Mt. Kirkjufell, Iceland

Title: Mt. Kirkjufell, IcelandYear: 2023Size: 460 mm × 360 mmMedia: Oil on canvas Description: Mt. Kirkjufell, situated on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in western Iceland, rises 463 meters (1,519 feet) a […]

  • 2023.04.18

Scoresby Sound…. and lunar crater

Title: Scoresby Sound…. and lunar craterYear: 2023Size: 460mm x 330mm (P8)Media: Oil on canvas Description: The Scoresby Sound was named after the British Arctic explorer William Scoresby who conducte […]

  • 2023.01.07

Polar Bear in the Arctic

Title:  Polar Bear in the ArcticYear: 2023Size: 400mm×400mmMedia: Oil on canvas Description: Standing up to 3 metres high, and weighing up to 800kg male polar bears are the largest land carnivores on […]

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