Nature’s fridges

Nature’s fridges

Title: Nature’s fridges
Year: 2023
Size: 810mm×600mm
Media: Oil on canvas


Composed primarily of freshwater ice from compacted snow and formed when chunks break off from glaciers in a process known as “calving”, Icebergs come in various shapes and sizes and can range in age from a few months to over 10,000 years. The largest icebergs can be as big as several kilometres long and rise several hundred meters above the water’s surface. They appear in different shades of white and blue, which is a result of ice absorbing longer wavelengths of light while reflecting shorter blue wavelengths.

Despite their immense size, about 90% of an iceberg’s volume is submerged underwater, with only the tip visible above the surface. Most icebergs originate from Antarctica and Greenland, two of the largest sources of ice on the planet.


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